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 Betreff des Beitrags: Confrontation kehrt zurück
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Die Confrontation Phoenix Edition:

http://www.conf-federation.org.uk/forum ... ic=16297.0

Vollzeit-Miniaturen Bemalservice für alle Tabletop-Spiele, Second Hand Miniaturen, Ankauf und Online-Shop
Webseite: http://www.phantasos-spiele.de
Blog: http://phantasosspiele.wordpress.com
YouTube-Kanal: http://www.youtube.com/user/phantasosspiele

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: Confrontation kehrt zurück
BeitragVerfasst: 14.03.2012, 12:28 
André Winter

Registriert: 29.08.2006, 23:52
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Nochmal das wichtigste für die Nichtklicker:

Confrontation - Phönix Edition


A bit more information on the dragonpainting forum discussion:


I also received some Q&A from David of Legacy about the Phoenix Project (with my notes as NoA - Notes of Almanro):

Q: Is it a new edition of the C3 manual with the integration of the C3.5 rules?
A: It starts from version 3 and 3.5 with a complete review and refresh (but I do not follow directly this part) (NoA: Ask atacam for this part! )

Q: Are there changes (improvements) to C3.5 rules, or will they remain the same as we know?
A: I think there will be changes

Q: If the previous is "yes", is there the opportunity to propose changes or the project is already closed and tested?
A: The project is not closed and is being tested

Q: Is a print hard copy version planned or only the pdf will be offered on-line? If a hard copy version is planned, which will be the languages?
A: A hard copy of the manual will be available in English and French. (NoA - at the moment it seems not in Italian... )

Q: Do you think to re-release all the Confrontation miniature range?
A: No. Of course the miniatures that are too old won't be re-released (NoA - also considering the sales prices of ludikbazar and e-bay, I think they will produce firstly the rarest miniatures or otherwise the ones that are more requested, they can not reproduce a catalog of over 1500 models in few months! )

Q: Will there be new miniatures no longer in "limited edition"?
A: There will certain be new miniatures, but not immediately. Be patient!

Q: Will be the cards modified to improve the game dynamics?
A: Yes

Q: What is the expected timing?
A: Gama will show (NoA - today in Las Vegas) previews of what you will see from now to 6-9 months

Q: Metal or plastic or resin?
A: Resin and Metal

Q: Possible costs?
A: In line with other miniature games (certainly not Legacy prices! Which will remain for the moment for the next few waves)

Q: Is there the possibility to create an official tournament circuit supported by the brand?
A: Yes

André Winter
L'Art Noir - Game Design and Translation Studio

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